Please visit our COVID-19 Response page to find more resources specific to the coronavirus pandemic, including resources for basic needs, family and education, and mental health and community wellness.

Community Relief Fund

If you are an Aryabhatta Foundation participant and would like to apply for funding, please visit our Community Relief Fund page to learn more and apply.

The Community Relief Fund is currently only available to Aryabhatta foundation participants.

Family Support Network

Connecting families with trustworthy and immediate information — legal services, ministry, law enforcement, and political action.Family Support Network
The Family Support Network  program aims to provide a common entry point to services and deliver earlier, targeted support to families with complex problems and those most vulnerable to involvement with the child protection sys

Collaborative of Community Wellness

Aryabhatta foundation is a partner organization of the Collaborative for Community Wellness. This is “a collaborative that brings together mental health professionals, community based organizations, and community residents to address the lack of mental health access and to redefine mental health to match the needs of the community.”